Vongole Arrabbiata, chile spiced clams

Two good reasons for sharing this recipe, that I discovered in another blog, A Food Obsession.

Firstly, it is a tasty dish, and really easy to prepare.

Secondly, in the description of the dish, the writer makes a comment, that is an essential cooking tip. You can always add salt, but you cannot remove it, from a dish.

We have all fallen into this trap, at some time. In my case, usually, the reason is that I have not been tasting the dish frequently enough, or have simply overlooked the amounts of salt or seasoning in the recipe. This is, of course, another reason for under seasoning a dish, but that is easily remedied.

An easy way to be thrown off is when cooking with bouillon or stock, as the salt content can vary enormously. So, now I have learned to taste the stock on its own, and to taste the dish after it has been added.

Tasting throughout the cooking process is the cardinal rule.

Now relax, and savor this recipe.




Author: Salt and Pepper

I love to eat good food, I love to cook good food. I believe that each ingredient should be treated with the highest respect it can be paid, good preparation. Eating good food is relishing dishes that which someone else, be it a Michelin Star Chef or a home cook, has prepared with skill and respect, and that it is well seasoned and thoughtfully presented. Cooking good food is taking my time, putting in the effort, to do the same. I prefer to be known as a "Foodie Wannabe". The term Foodie is too serious. You see, as "Foodie Wannabe" I can make mistakes and I do not have to know if the sauce is one of the five "mother" sauces¹ or a "little sauce". I do not have to define a gastrique² on the spot, spew culinary terms, or know the recipe for egg pasta³ off by heart. I can express my love for, and opinion of food unfiltered. Make no mistake, I am still open to critique, dare, and roasting, but eating and cooking are passions, not my job. As travelers, once my wife and I, have picked a destination, the immediate next step is to search for places to eat. Yes, the trip is planned around the dining. We are known to have picked destinations because of their restaurants, and come to think of it, that is mostly what has been the case. Authentic cuisine is what we are after, local dishes prepared by locals, ranging from street food to high-end dining. The dining experience is heightened if we are joined by family and friends who are fellow food lovers. My motto is BYH: Broaden Your Horizons™, and doing it all with passion.

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