Cuban Seafood at Lenny’s Bar and Grill



note the lid on the bin
Lenny’s Bar and Grill, Cayo Coco, Cuba.

Lenny’s Bar and Grill at Playa Prohibido, Cayo Coco, Cuba is a destination experience, it certainly was for us, having picked it to celebrate my 50th birthday.


From the 50’s Chevy in the parking lot, the rustic wooden bar to the makeshift kitchen, this is a piece of Cuba that I hope will be preserved. New resorts may start to sprout like mushrooms, but that is also dependant on how the, now symbolic, US  embargo pans out.



Lenny's Bar and Grill, Cayo Coco, Cuba
The purple Chevy at Lenny’s Bar and Grill.



The distinguishing feature of Lenny’s is the dozens of Canadian car registration plates, which cannot be missed as you enter the place, and gaze up. Concentric rings of plates are mounted on the underside of the low hanging grass roof.

Registration plates -99% Canadian
Registration plates -99% Canadian







There is only one dish to order, hence no menu, plain yet delicious. Grilled lobster, fried fish and prawns, plain rice, slaw and a few slices of cucumber and tomato. Of course,  it was washed down with copious amounts of ice-cold beer and cheap white wine.

Sitting on rattan chairs at plastic covered wooden tables,  just a few metres from the turquoise sea, with a light breeze blowing and a bright sun.

The lobster was a little over grilled, the coleslaw under seasoned, but these become trivialities when you consider the big picture, the ambience that makes things taste a thousand times better. 

I almost forgot the rooster! Yes, the meal is accompanied by the  crowing of a rooster, coming from somewhere behind the restaurant. Just another incongruous feature to add to the ambience.

I left my Tilley hat there, but the entire adventure made me happy.

There is more to tell, but I’ll let you explore Lenny’s further on your own. There is an interesting story behind its name.


Author: Salt and Pepper

I love to eat good food, I love to cook good food. I believe that each ingredient should be treated with the highest respect it can be paid, good preparation. Eating good food is relishing dishes that which someone else, be it a Michelin Star Chef or a home cook, has prepared with skill and respect, and that it is well seasoned and thoughtfully presented. Cooking good food is taking my time, putting in the effort, to do the same. I prefer to be known as a "Foodie Wannabe". The term Foodie is too serious. You see, as "Foodie Wannabe" I can make mistakes and I do not have to know if the sauce is one of the five "mother" sauces¹ or a "little sauce". I do not have to define a gastrique² on the spot, spew culinary terms, or know the recipe for egg pasta³ off by heart. I can express my love for, and opinion of food unfiltered. Make no mistake, I am still open to critique, dare, and roasting, but eating and cooking are passions, not my job. As travelers, once my wife and I, have picked a destination, the immediate next step is to search for places to eat. Yes, the trip is planned around the dining. We are known to have picked destinations because of their restaurants, and come to think of it, that is mostly what has been the case. Authentic cuisine is what we are after, local dishes prepared by locals, ranging from street food to high-end dining. The dining experience is heightened if we are joined by family and friends who are fellow food lovers. My motto is BYH: Broaden Your Horizons™, and doing it all with passion.

4 thoughts on “Cuban Seafood at Lenny’s Bar and Grill”

  1. Looks like my kinda chill place.
    We are off to Bazley (South Coast) before Easter again with friends for a couple of days and then I take the family to Mid-Rand to Game & Lion Reserve, (the one where the American tourist got mauled to death by one of the Lions) and then Gold Reef City etc….
    Chill then busy times ahead.
    Dad & I toasted you at midnight for the big 50…..

    Stay well and love to Marina!




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